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Abbott, Claire 2013 Vicarious Trama and Self-Care BSc Case Study 13-B-48-AC View
Allen, Joanne 2016 A Humanistic and Intergrative View of Somatisation BSc Case Study 16-B-05-AJ View
Allison, Laura 2016 How Imagery Enhances Contact in the Therapeutic Relationship BSc Case Study 16-B-18-AL View
Allmand, Jo 2014 Understanding and Working with Retroflective Processes BSc Case Study 14-B-02-AJ View
Allsop, Nicola 2016 A Humanistic and Integrated Approach to Working With an Avoidant Attachments BSc Case Study 16-B-01-AN View
Andrews, Samantha 2014 My 'Use of Self' as a Humanistic Integrative Therapist BSc Case Study 14-B-03-AS View
Angell, Kate 2013 An Explanation of Schizoid Process from A Humanistic Perspective BSc Case Study 13-B-01-AK View
Archer, Julie 2011 The Use of Self through Attunement BSc Case Study 11-B-07-AJ View Attunement use of self
Arnold, Helen 2018 Understanding Relational Trauma: Moving from Isolation to Relationship in Therapy BSc Case Study 18-B-01-AH View Trauma, Relational
Astin, Olivia 2016 When Tears Do Not Fall, An Exploration on An Alexithymic Client BSc Case Study 16-B-02-AO View
Atkins-Hackett, Julie 2017 The Unveiling of Shame : A Look at How Shame Exists and The Healing Process in The Therapeutic Reationship BSc Case Study 17-B-20-AJ View
Ayling, Janine 2015 The Impact of Therapist's Self-Disclosure on the Therapeautic Relationship BSc Case Study 15-B-01-AJ View
Baggott, Deborah 2011 An Exploration of the Use of Metaphor in the Therapeutic Relationship BSc Case Study 11-B-01-BD View Metaphor
Bankier, Tracy 2017 Repairing Relationship Ruptures BSc Case Study 17-B-09-BT View
Barber, Claire 2016 Multiplicities of 'I' an Exploration of Parts of Self BSc Case Study 16-B-19-BC View
Barker, Sinead 2014 Ambiguous Loss BSc Case Study 14-B-04-BS View
Bentley, Julie 2017 Unrecognised Loss And Grief BSc Case Study 17-B-25-BJ View
Best, Alison 2015 Contact and Relational Depth: A Humanistic and Integreation Perspective BSc Case Study 15-B-02-BA View
Blakemore, Faith 2012 An Exploration into the Development of Spontaneous Imagery and its Reflection of the Intrapsychic Process BSc Case Study 12-B-02-BF View Imagery
Blant, Maria 2016 The Power of Presence BSc Case Study 16-B-01-BM View