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...Could Change Your Life

Taking any kind of study course can have an impact on your life.

And for many of our students, desire for personal change, a deeper experience of life and  relationships, or an enhanced way of being, was not the primary motivation for beginning one of our courses. The subject of psychotherapy and counselling may simply have been of interest to them, or they wanted a good qualification in this area. Naturally we see that as our main raison d’etre. But over and over again, graduates and those part-way through our courses, tell us that they experience themselves and their lives changing in positive ways they could not have imagined, and that friendships forged during this time were of greater depth than previously known. They are often surprised at finding these personal changes to be of equal value to gaining the qualification.

Combine this with what we believe is an excellent professional training in counselling/psychotherapy, to the highest standards of ethics, competency, and contemporary relevance, and we hope that our courses provoke your excitement and serious consideration.

We don’t think psychotherapy/counselling is the only option for some of the difficulties people face or as a guide to how to live in a wiser, more fulfilled way. And we think its important to take on board some of the criticisms of the profession that surface at intervals, and use them as useful feedback by which we may constantly seek to improve. But working with clients is all about helping them to enhance the quality of their lives, about helping them to fulfil their potential. We believe that at best, psychotherapy and counselling are powerful means of improving the lives of individuals and society and make a major contribution to modern life. That is why we’re engaged in this profession. But don’t say you haven’t been warned. . .

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