Our Management Structure and Style

The structure of staffing at SPTI is guided by the principle of power sharing. Too much power concentrated in too few hands can lead to a disempowerment of others, including both staff and students.

Our structure is designed so that at least three members of staff are involved in all decisions about programme development and student welfare.

In terms of programme leadership, this involves one course leader for each programme along with the Head of Training. Other tutors will be also be involved, liasing as necessary with the programme leaders.

While the size of our organisation tends to allow this anyway, through this triadic structure we also aim to ensure that each of our students will be personally known by at least three staff members, and that each student comes to know at least three staff members as familiar figures.

For each programme, students are invited to elect two representatives from each year to represent their views at programme management meetings. Students/trainees are also offered numerous opportunities for formal and informal feedback about courses and other matters that may be of concern or interest to them, through individual or group discussions with their tutors and each other, and via a questionnaire at the end of each module.

Staff members also have opportunities for discussion, feedback and liaison through informal meetings, regular staff training days, and management committee meetings.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate awards are decided in liaison with our validating partner - Staffordshire University. The validation agreement between SPTI and Staffordshire University began in July 2015. This initial period expires in July 2018 but both parties acknowledge that they intend the arrangement for the delivery of the programmes to continue after expiry of the initial period for a further period of two academic years. If the initial period expires and a subsequent agreement has not been signed, the agreement will continue until all students have completed the programme on which they are enrolled.

There is a clearly structured complaints procedure.

This broad based management structure allows the Head of Training to operate as an overseer of all courses and the general development of SPTI, monitoring national and international developments and disseminating the best practice to the various courses.